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Meet our best-selling Jumbo Pampas in Cream. Now reformulated to look even more authentic and luxurious than ever.

Want authentic pampas without the hassle? Try faux pampas grass

Mon, Dec 28, 2020
Although pampas grass is a natural and bountiful element of the earth, it has been sold for immense amounts of money. In addition to that, it is not something you buy and keep forever, it will eventually need to be replaced as it sheds and wilts over time. With all of this in consideration, the hefty price tag for a real pampas grass may not pay itself off. In contrast, a new faux pampas grass has come to the market and appears to be the perfect solution. It looks just as authentic as real pampas grass (maybe even more so), but will last a lifetime. What are some other reasons one might opt for artificial pampas grass? Read along:

1: No need to spray and fluff

When buying real pampas grass, sellers often recommend to spray the plant with hairspray, and also fluff it. Hairspray is a product made in a very environmentally detrimental way, being sold in aerosol cans and containing many toxic chemicals--just look at all the warnings on the bottle! This can be toxic for your pets, loved ones, or you, and is not ideal. In addition, this added step of spraying pampas grass every month is annoying. In contrast, for faux pampas grass, there is no spraying required.


2: No shedding

It is no secret that real pampas grass tends to shed--sometimes a lot. While this is of course a feature that most plants possess in some way, artificial pampas grass will not shed whatsoever.

3: Safe for pets

Though we love our furry friends, they can sometimes be annoying in that they love to chew--especially things that aren’t supposed to be eaten. While training a pet to do that is ideal, this isn’t an option for all, and is not foolproof if you ever leave your pet unattended for even a minute. Not to mention, some pets are stubborn (looking at you, kitty cats!), and will try to take a chomp anyways. This is not only annoying because it ruins our plants, but it can also be fatal for our furry friends. Pampas grass is one of many plants that may be toxic and poisonous for pets. It is not a risk us as pet-owners like to take! In contrast, faux pampas grass is completely artificial, ensuring that your pet won’t go to eat it.

4: Lasts forever

The maintenance required and shedding and wilting makes it obvious that real pampas grass has no longevity, and you will be lucky if it lasts you any longer than a few months! Faux pampas grass wins in this aspect, as it will last forever. It not only will maintain its beautiful appearance longer than real grass, but it will also save you money since you will not need to replace it.

5: Looks better

With real pampas grass ordered online, you can never be sure what you are getting. Whereas with faux pampas grass, high standards are meticulously followed to ensure that every branch is fluffy and contains the same high amount of material as every other one. Simply put, you are more likely to get prettier pampas grass if you buy faux.