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Meet our best-selling Jumbo Pampas in Cream. Now reformulated to look even more authentic and luxurious than ever.

Here at Bratus, we have an eye for the most sought after home decor prices. We source and bring the extraordinary to you at ordinary prices.

Meet our best-selling Jumbo Pampas in Cream. Now reforumulated to look even more authentic and luxurious than ever.


3 Stems Tall Faux Artificial Pampas Grass

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Artisanally crafted faux Pampas Grass to use for decor wherever you want. Instead of getting a natural grass that disintegrates eventually, buy a faux one you can use for a lifetime. Pet friendly.

Faux plants sourced from high-quality materials means they will last forever—meaning less waste for our planet.

Hundreds of great reviews.

A company that is proud to treat its workers fairly.

Mon, Dec 28, 2020

Want authentic pampas without the hassle? Try faux pampas grass

Although pampas grass is a natural and bountiful element of the earth, it has been sold for immense amounts of money. In addition to that, it is not something you buy and keep forever, it will eventually need to be replaced as it sheds and wilts over time. With all of this in consideration, the hefty price tag for a real pampas grass may not pay itself off.


Mon, Dec 28, 2020

These ultra-luxurious interiors show us that pampas grass can be an accessory to a stunning home

Pampas grass as home decor has been a trend that has persisted all throughout 2020, and doesn't seem to be slowing down for 2021. One of the most remarkable elements of this trend is its ability to work in differently styled interiors. Pampas grass seemed to start out among bohemian-style decor, but its has now been proven to look beautiful in other settings too. Keep scrolling for some of our favorite examples of pampas grass being used as luxury decor.


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